Divers Cosplaying as Ogres Clean Osaka Aquarium in Honor of Setsubun

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Divers cosplaying as ogres are seen at the Kaiyukan aquarium in Osaka on Monday.

OSAKA — An event by snorkeling divers cosplaying as ogres has been held at the Kaiyukan aquarium in Osaka to celebrate the upcoming day of setsubun.

According to the traditional Japanese calendar, Feb. 3 usually marks the advent of spring. Known as “setsubun,” the day is traditionally celebrated by tossing handfuls of dried beans while shouting, “Out with ogres! In with good fortune!”

On Monday, aquarium staff wearing tiger-print shorts cleaned clear acrylic panels of the aquarium’s tank and posed for photos with visitors. The event will be held through Feb. 4.