Sumo Association to Close Miyagino Stable after Violence Scandal

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Stablemaster Miyagino, former yokozuna Hakuho

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Japan Sumo Association decided at a board meeting on Thursday to close the Miyagino stable for the time being, following a violence scandal involving one of the stable’s wrestlers.

Over the scandal, the wrestler Hokuseiho, who competed in the makuuchi top division of professional sumo, has retired, and former yokozuna grand champion Hakuho has been removed as the stable’s master.

The Miyagino stable’s wrestlers and former master will be transferred to the Isegahama stable, part of the Isegahama group of stables, including the Miyagino stable.

The former stablemaster will be mainly under the guidance of the Isegahama stablemaster, former yokozuna Asahifuji, and the Asakayama stablemaster, formerly ozeki Kaio, who is a director of the sumo association. They will report on the former stablemaster to the association at every tournament, and if he is found to have acquired the qualities fit to be a stablemaster, the current measures against him are expected to be lifted.

The Isegahama stable is home to yokozuna Terunofuji and Takerufuji, who became the first makuuchi rookie to win a tournament in 110 years at this month’s tournament.

Meanwhile, the Miyagino stable is home to wrestlers such as Hakuoho, who competes in the juryo second-highest division. Both stables have about 20 wrestlers.

At the spring tournament, former Tomonohana, who reached the fourth-highest rank of komusubi during his professional career and later became an assistant to the Oshima stable with the inherited name of Tamagaki, served as acting head of the Miyagino stable.