Kotonowaka Takes on First Duty as Ozeki in Setsubun Ceremony; Event Took Place at Tsubaki Shrine in Mie Prefecture

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Kotonowaka participates in the ritual bean throwing ceremony on Setsubun at Tsubaki Shrine in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture.

In the world of sumo, the newly promoted ozeki, Kotonowaka of the Sadogatake stable, participated in the ritual bean-throwing ceremony on Setsubun. The event took place at Tsubaki Shrine in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture.

Accompanied by his father and mentor, Sadogatake Oyakata, a former sekiwake who also went by the ringname Kotonowaka. Kotonowaka ascended the stage in traditional ceremonial attire and energetically scattered lucky beans and sweets, along with lucky fans, while shouting the traditional phrase, “Fuku wa uchi! Oni wa soto!” (In with good fortune! Out with the demon!). This marked his inaugural duty as an ozeki.