U.N. Human Rights Council’s Working Group Remains “Profoundly Alarmed” Over Johnny’s Sexual Abuse Scandal

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Smile-Up. Inc.

GENEVA — A U.N. Human Rights Council’s working group remains “profoundly alarmed” by allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation involving members of Japanese entertainment agency formerly known as Johnny & Associates, Inc.

In a report released in early May, the Working Group on Business and Human Rights acknowledged efforts by the now-renamed agency to extend offers of compensation to the victims, but added that it is “still a long way from meeting the needs” of these victims.

The agency was renamed Smile-Up. Inc. last year in the wake of revelations that its late founder had abused male entertainers signed with the agency.

The report also criticized Japanese media companies for being “implicated in covering up such scandals for decades.”