Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo Showcases Tulip Display Ahead of Public Opening

The Japan News
Tulips bloom in the garden of the Netherlands Embassy in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Thursday.

The Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo’s Minato Ward opened its garden, adorned with fully blooming tulips which are the country’s national flower, to the press on Thursday. The opening came a day ahead of a two-day public event from Friday to Saturday, exclusively for those who made reservations online in advance. About 4,300 people who made online reservations are expected to visit the garden, where the event has been held intermittently since 2011.

According to the embassy, the garden features about 14,300 tulips of 77 varieties. They also said that the garden includes tulips that bloom early, in mid-season and late in the season to extend the viewing period. The earliest tulips began blooming about a week ago, and the late-season varieties are anticipated to bloom until the middle of April.