Mario Bros. and Pikmin Seen at Kyoto University’s Graduation Ceremony; 10% of Seniors Dressed in Costume for ‘Tradition’

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Kyoto University students attend the university’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday.

Some Kyoto University seniors dressed up as famous animation characters, such as the Super Mario Bros., during their graduation ceremony on Tuesday. They listened to a speech by Nagahiro Minato, the university’s president, who encouraged the students, saying, “I hope you will spread your wings freely, brightly and vigorously [toward the future].”

A total of 2,787 students from 10 faculties graduated the university on the day. Dressing up as characters is a “tradition” among the university’s seniors.

These seniors entered the university in spring 2020, during the early spread of COVID-19. Minato said, “I think you must have felt lonely and anxious in a situation where the future was so uncertain. The fact that we are all able to gather here for your graduation is deeply moving.”

A 22-year-old female student who will continue her studies at the university’s graduate school from April said, “With renewed spirit, I want to do my best in my research to help children around the world.”

Students attended the ceremony in a solemn manner, with about 10% of them wearing costumes, including characters from the “Super Mario Bros.” and “Pikmin” video games and a dinosaur over 2 meters tall.