Foreign Newspaper Carriers in Tokyo Begin Neighborhood Patrol during Deliveries

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Foreign students leave a Yomiuri Center branch to deliver newspapers in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, on Thursday.

Eight foreign students who work as newspaper carriers at Yomiuri Shimbun sales locations known as Yomiuri Centers (YCs) began neighborhood patrol while delivering newspapers on Thursday as part of the Tokyo metropolitan government’s project to ensure children’s safety.

The eight students are from Mongolia, Vietnam and Myanmar and work at five YC branches in Meguro and Ota wards in Tokyo.

At the YC Toritsudaimae Jiyugaoka branch in Meguro Ward, three students from Myanmar and Vietnam wearing patrol vests loaded evening newspapers onto motorcycles with signs on the baskets indicating that they are keeping watch over children’s safety.

As part of the patrol, if the carriers find any children in distress, they will report to the police or fire department as needed.