Mizuho Bank Mistakenly Sets Winning Lots for ‘Quick One’ Lottery at 200 Instead of 10

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. building in Tokyo on April 7, 2021

On Wednesday, Mizuho Bank issued a statement disclosing an unfortunate oversight regarding the ‘Quick One’ internet lottery. A configuration error resulted in the number of winning lots being set at 200 instead of the intended 10. The bank has pledged to honor the prizes for the inadvertent winners, while also ensuring refunds for those who were unable to partake in the draw as a result.

The ‘Quick One’ lottery is designed as an instantaneous raffle, wherein winners are determined upon ticket purchase and participation. However, the 84th edition, slated for sale from the 1st to the 31st of this month, suffered from erroneous settings.

Moreover, the allocation of the second prize, set at ¥100,000, was mistakenly increased to 2,000 lots instead of the intended 200, while the third prize of ¥10,000 saw a similar oversight, with 20,000 lots allocated instead of the intended 2,000. Conversely, the sixth prize, originally set at ¥200, was drastically lowered, erroneously set for 10 lots, rather than the intended 400,000.

Following customer inquiry, the sale was immediately halted on Monday, prompting Mizuho Bank to initiate an investigation into the root cause of the discrepancy.