3 Shinkansen Lines Suspend Operations Throughout Tuesday; Power Outage Stops Tohoku, Joetsu, and Hokuriku Lines

Japan News file photo
Tohoku Shinkansen train running in Kita Ward, Tokyo, in October 2023

Service on the Tohoku Shinkansen line between Tokyo and Sendai stations, as well as on the Hokuriku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines between Tokyo and Takasaki stations, was to be suspended for all of Tuesday, JR East announced Tuesday afternoon.

Trains were not running due to a power outage affecting all three Shinkansen lines that occurred that morning.

According to JR East, overhead wires for Tohoku Shinkansen trains headed toward Tokyo had fallen down in Saitama City, hampering operations. The company is working to restore the lines but decided not to resume operations on Tuesday.