¥6 Billion Fund for Creative Support: Japan’s Initiative to Empower Emerging Creators

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Cultural Affairs Agency in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto.

The government plans to launch a support initiative lasting approximately three years to foster young creators who promote Japanese culture and arts abroad. While support has traditionally been given on an annual basis, the new approach aims to provide continuous assistance throughout the entire process, from planning and production to domestic presentation and international exposure. A dedicated fund of ¥6 billion is to be established within the current fiscal year, with a strict selection process for eligible individuals and projects.

While countries like South Korea actively promote their music, films, and dramas worldwide, Japan has been criticized for a lack of support. Additionally, there are concerns about the shrinking domestic market for art appreciation and artwork purchases due to the declining population. The objective is for the government to support and nurture emerging talents capable of enhancing the global presence of Japanese culture, spanning fields such as manga, anime, music, contemporary art and traditional performing arts.