Piyorin Cheers for Shogi Day! Limited-Time Sale at JR Nagoya Station

Courtesy of JR Tokai Food Service Co., Ltd.
“Piyorin on Shogi Day” sold for a limited time only

NAGOYA — Piyorin, the popular chick-shaped pudding, cheers for Shogi! In celebration of Shogi Day, on November 17th, a special sweet called “Piyorin on Shogi Day” has been released. The dessert features chocolates shaped like shogi pieces.

Piyorin has ties with shogi, as professional shogi player Sota Fujii chose Piyorin Ice as a snack during a game. This new product wraps a pudding made with Nagoya Cochin eggs in a Bavarian cream flavored with chai, a spice-infused milk tea.

The price is 550 yen per piece (tax included), and it will be sold until the 17th at Piyorin Station Café Gentiane in JR Nagoya Station Central Concourse and other locations (limited to two pieces per person).