Elderly Man Dies as Typhoon Yun-yeung Wreaks Havoc in 3 Prefectures

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Mud and debris from a landslide covers a road Saturday morning in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture.

An elderly man was confirmed dead in Fukushima Prefecture as heavy rainfall from Typhoon No. 13 caused flooding and landslides in Fukushima, Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures from Friday to Saturday morning.

The man was declared dead after falling into a drainage ditch in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, as the fierce storm, also designated as Typhoon Yun-yeung, caused widespread damage along the Pacific coast.

In Fukushima Prefecture, linear precipitation bands, which dump massive amounts of rain, struck twice mainly in the coastal areas. In Iwaki alone, nine rivers overflowed their banks and at least 20 homes were flooded.

A level-5 alert, indicating the highest danger on the emergency evacuation scale, was issued on Friday night.

A stone materials company in Iwaki saw the rising waters leave seven vehicles submerged and the building, which doubles as a home and office, flooded with about one meter of water. The family of six took refuge on the second floor.

“This was more dangerous than during Typhoon No. 19 four years ago,” said one family member, a 66-year-old woman. “The room looked like an aquarium and I was scared.”

In Ibaraki Prefecture, emergency safety measures were issued in at least six cities or towns including Takahagi. At least 50 homes suffered various levels of flooding.

Eight rivers in Chiba Prefecture, including those in Chiba City’s Midori Ward and Mobara, overflowed their banks. Flooding in the residential area of Mobara led to 387 people seeking refuge in 14 evacuation centers at one point.