Guinness Deletes Johnny Kitagawa from Website; Higashiyama Calls Decision ‘Wise’

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Johnny & Associates Inc. President Noriyuki Higashiyama, center, and previous president Julie Keiko Fujishima, right, apologize at a press conference in Tokyo on Thursday afternoon.

Guinness World Records said Wednesday it had removed Johnny Kitagawa’s achievements from its official website, due to the allegations of sexual abuse against the late founder of the Johnny & Associates Inc. talent agency.

In 2011, Guinness recognized Kitagawa for having produced 232 No. 1 songs between 1974 and 2010.

“After hearing reports of the recent investigation made against the late Johnny Kitagawa, we have taken the decision to remove from our website the records he held as it does not feel appropriate to leave them published,” Guinness said in explaining the deletion.

At a press conference held by Johnny & Associates Inc. on Thursday, new agency President Noriyuki Higashiyama said he agreed with the move to delete Kitagawa’s records. “It’s a wise decision,” Higashiyama said.