Semiconductor Shortage Hits Operators of Japanese IC Travel Cards

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A commuter scans a Pasmo card at Shinjuku Station.

Transport operators in the Tokyo metropolitan area have had to curb the issuance of Pasmo and Suica IC travel cards because of a semiconductor shortage, according to the Pasmo Committee, which includes Suica operator East Japan Railway Co.

The issuance of cards that do not bear cardholders’ names was suspended in June. From Wednesday, the issuance of cards bearing cardholders’ names will also be suspended.

The committee, which announced the news Monday, said a lack of semiconductors was the reason for the suspension.

Railway operators will continue to sell commuter passes and reissue lost IC travel cards. Also, foreign tourists will be able to buy Pasmo and Suica cards, but the number of locations issuing Suica cards will be reduced from Wednesday, among other restrictions.