River in Nara Turns Green, Coloring Agent Used in Bath Salts Detected

Courtesy of Ikoma City
Tatsuta River in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, which turned green

A passerby found early Wednesday morning that the water of the Tatsuta River, which flows through Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, had turned green and contacted the city. According to the city, the Nara prefectural government analyzed the water and confirmed that it contained a harmless coloring agent used in bath salts and other products.

The city had urged people to refrain from using the water for agricultural purposes but lifted the alert on the evening of the day.

According to the city, red powder adhering to the sidewall was found in a tributary of the Tatsuta River. When water was poured over the powder, it turned green. The city and others are investigating the possibility that some substance may have been dumped into the river.