New Tokyo Condo to Feature Sauna As More People Look to Let Off Steam

Courtesy of Daiwa House Industry Co.
A sauna room, as seen from above

Looking for an edge in the hot residential market, real estate giant Daiwa House Industry Co. plans to include an authentic sauna in the common area of a condominium for which units will go on sale in September.

Saunas are currently trending among prime-age workers in their 30s and 40s, who seek that refreshing feeling for both body and mind that comes with a steam.

The 13-story Premist Akishima MoriPark Residence in Akishima, Tokyo, will have 480 units and is scheduled for completion this summer. A two-person sauna will be installed in a 70-square-meter space on the 12th floor, along with a balcony and cold water bath.

The sauna will be available on a reservation basis at a fee of about ¥2,500 per use. Based on feedback from residents in Akishima, the company will consider including saunas in future condominium projects.

According to the company, with people having spent more time at home during the pandemic, condominium purchasers today are looking for enhanced common areas.