Japanese Man Detained in Beijing

Reuters file photo
A woman walks through a hutong alley hung with Chinese national flags in Beijing on Oct. 14, 2022.

BEIJING (Jiji Press) — A Japanese man in his 50s was detained in Beijing by Chinese authorities this month for allegedly violating a Chinese law, an informed source said Saturday.

The man is believed to face charges related to national security such as espionage, according to the source. The Japanese government is urging the Chinese side to release the man early.

The man is an executive of a Japanese company, another source said. Details of his charges and the circumstances leading to the detention are not known.

Japanese Embassy in Beijing is seeking a detailed explanation from the Chinese side and a meeting with the man. Chinese authorities have failed to give a sufficient explanation to the Japanese side.

China put an anti-spy law into force in 2014 and started to strengthen its crackdowns on espionage activities the following year. A total of 17 Japanese, including the man in his 50s, were detained under the legislation.