Shogi Star Fujii Defends Title by Defeating Habu

Courtesy of the Japan Shogi Association
Sota Fujii

KAMIMINE, Saga (Jiji Press) — Japanese professional shogi star Sota Fujii defended the title of Osho on Sunday, crushing challenger Yoshiharu Habu’s ambition to attain a 100th title tournament victory.

Fujii, 20, who holds five major titles also including Ryuo, Oi, Eio and Kisei, won the sixth match in the best-of-seven Osho title series. The match was held in Kamimine, Saga Prefecture, southwestern Japan, for two days.

Fujii thus succeeded in defending all five titles he had captured.

He aims to earn a sixth title by defeating Akira Watanabe, 38, who holds the title of Kio along with the Meijin title. The five-match Kio title series is going on with Fujii just one victory away from winning the title.

Fujii would be the youngest person with six major titles if he wins.