City Govt Reprimands Couple for Hugging, Kissing at Meeting Room in Kumamoto Pref.

KUMAMOTO — The Yatsushiro city government in Kumamoto Prefecture reprimanded Wednesday two employees, a male and female, for repeatedly hugging and kissing inside the government building.

The officials, who are both in their 20s and belong to the health and welfare department, had personal conversations and hugged and kissed in a meeting room several times in November and December last year, the city government said. The two were dating and engaged in such conduct after 5:15 p.m., after they had finished working. But on one of these occasions, both were working overtime.

Earlier this year, the city received multiple tips from outside sources. In response to the city’s investigation, the two apologized. One of them was quoted as saying, “We lacked a sense of responsibility as city employees.”