Kumamoto Pref.’s Official Kumamon Fan Club to Launch Soon

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Kumamon promotes the establishment of his official fan club at the Kumamoto prefectural government office on Thursday.

KUMAMOTO — Kumamon, the black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, will soon have his own official fan club, the Kumamoto prefectural government announced Thursday.

Those interested in joining the club, Kumamon Fans, can apply via a website made for the club from March 1. There is no annual membership fee.

Members will receive a birthday card from Kumamon during their birth month in addition to the fan club’s magazine, which will be issued about twice a year, the prefectural government said.

Sales of limited-edition goods that only members can purchase is also being considered.

In addition, Kumamon Fans Summit will be held at Kumamon Square in Kumamoto City on March 11, where participants can watch stage performances by the mascot and exchange opinions regarding activities of the fan club.

Those who plan to join the club are eligible to participate in the event, with the number of participants limited to about 30.

Applications to the event will be accepted on the Kumamon Square website until Monday. Participants will be chosen by lottery if applications exceed the limit.

The prefectural government is also considering holding exchange meetings for members in the future.