Ferrari Enzo Designer Okuyama Charged for Speeding 88 Kph Past Limit

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Kiyoyuki Okuyama

YAMAGATA — World-renowned industrial designer Kiyoyuki Okuyama was charged by prosecutors last year for driving 128 kph in a 40-kph zone in Yamagata City. The car he was driving was a Ferrari Enzo of his own design.

After Okuyama was detected by the Yamagata prefectural police on Oct. 1 disregarding the speed limit, he was indicted without arrest by the Yamagata District Public Prosecutors Office last December for violating the Road Traffic Law.

The 63-year-old designer, who also goes by Ken Okuyama and hails from the city, allegedly drove the car on the Nishi-Zao Kogen Line that has a speed limit of 40 kph.

Okuyama admitted the charge during his first hearing at the Yamagata District Court on Friday. Prosecutors demanded four months in prison, while the defense team asked for a lenient sentence. A ruling will be handed down on Feb. 10.

The Ferrari Enzo went on sale in 2002. The car Okuyama was driving is owned by his design office for display purposes.