EU Ambassador Pays Tribute to Nagasaki A-Bomb Victims

The Yomiuri Shimbun
EU Ambassador to Japan Jean-Eric Paquet, third from right, places flowers at the monument in Hypocenter Park in Nagasaki City on Friday.

NAGASAKI — Jean-Eric Paquet, the EU ambassador to Japan, visited Nagasaki City on Friday to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing there. The visit was made possible after the EU, which has been supporting Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, approached Nagasaki to deepen ties with the city that recovered from an atomic bombing.

Paquet, as well as ambassadors to Japan from Germany, France and other EU member states, visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and heard a speech by Mayor Tomihisa Taue about the city’s efforts and its recovery after the tragedy of the atomic bombing. They also met with Masao Tomonaga, 79, an atomic bomb survivor and honorary director of the Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Genbaku Hospital. Afterwards, they placed a wreath at the monument in Hypocenter Park.

Paquet said at a press conference after the tour that the people of the world must see Nagasaki now that Russia has invaded Ukraine and has suggested it might resort to the use of nuclear weapons. He added that it is the mission of the world to maintain peace and order.