Akita company to promote Akita dogs in metaverse

Courtesy of Meta Akita
A sample NFT artwork

ODATE, Akita — A new company in Akita Prefecture plans to launch an initiative to promote Akita dogs around the world with the use of digital technology.

Under the initiative, Meta Akita will create an online forum, officially endorsed by the Akitainu Hozonkai (Akita dog preservation society) based in Odate, Akita Prefecture, that allows Akita dog fans to interact in the metaverse. With the use of NFT technology, a way of ensuring the ownership and authenticity of digital works, the company also plans to sell 100 digital artworks featuring Akita dogs this month, each worth about ¥5,000.

“We’ll spread the charm of Akita dogs and the excellence of Akita in the global digital market,” said Yuki Akasaka, the 35-year-old president of Meta Akita during an online press conference streamed from a hall in Odate on Nov. 1.

The company also intends to help the preservation society sell its Akitainu-themed products overseas, including stuffed animals, pillows and futons.

Meta Akita also said it aims to revitalize the local economy, such as by offering discounts at partner restaurants to those who purchase NFT artworks.