Kyoto-grown habaneros shipping out

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Employees of Kyoto Habanero no Sato Co. sort and bag locally produced habanero chili peppers at a workshop in Kyotamba, Kyoto Prefecture.

KYOTAMBA, Kyoto — Habanero peppers are among the hottest chili peppers originating from Central and South America. They are also cultivated in Kyotamba, Kyoto Prefecture, where shipment of this year’s fiery crop is now underway.

Employees at a workshop of Kyoto Habanero no Sato Co. have been busy sorting and bagging the chili peppers arriving from contract farmers in the town.

The habanero chili peppers, which are about four centimeters in diameter, are often pickled in soy sauce or vinegar and used as a seasoning.

Shipment of the habanero peppers will continue until the end of October, mainly to Mexican restaurants in the Kanto region.

“The habaneros produced this year are spicier [than usual] as there were many fine days,” said Jun Takada, 27, president of the company.