Typhoon floods Tozai line subway tracks

The Yomiuri Shimbun
People walking through a flooded area in front of JR Shimbashi Station in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Sunday.

Heavy rain from Typhoon No. 14 poured into the Kanto region on Sunday, inundating a section of the Tozai line subway tracks in Tokyo.

The tracks between Kudanshita and Iidabashi stations flooded shortly after 1 p.m., apparently from rainwater. Train service was suspended for eight hours between the line’s Nihombashi and Takadanobaba stations, affecting about 139,000 people.

A board notifying riders of suspended service was placed at the Iidabashi Station ticket gate.

“I can only go home by train, so I have to wait for the trains to start running again,” said a 15-year-old high school student from Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward who was returning from club activities. “I have no idea how long it’ll take.”

The rain also had an impact above ground. People walked in ankle-deep water at a flooded intersection in front of JR Shimbashi Station in Minato Ward.