4 Amur leopard cats born at Tokyo zoo

Courtesy of Tokyo Zoological Park Society
Amur leopard cat kittens are seen on May 29.

Four Amur leopard cats were born at Inokashira Park Zoo in Musashino, Tokyo, on May 13, the park announced.

The health of the four kittens was confirmed to be stable, according to the zoo. The sexes of the kittens are still unknown.

It is the first time since April 2006 that the species was born through natural reproduction at the zoo.

The parents — both 2 years old — were donated by a zoo in Seoul last November, and it was confirmed that they mated in March this year.

Inokashira Park Zoo also has three endangered Tsushima leopard cats and plans to make use of the knowledge gained through the birth of the Amur leopard cats.