Prayers offered for victims of Japan sightseeing boat accident

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A family prays in front of a floral tribute stand in Shari, Hokkaido, on Saturday.

SHARI, Hokkaido — People offered prayers Saturday in Shari, Hokkaido, for victims of a boat accident that occurred off the Shiretoko Peninsula on April 23.

A woman in her 60s from nearby Kitami said, “I hope the missing people will be found soon.”

Hokkaido Gov. Naomichi Suzuki was among people who have left flowers at a tribute stand, which the Shari town government set at the morgue in Shari on Monday.

Seiichi Katsurada, president of the vessel’s operator, Shiretoko Pleasure Boat, visited the stand on Friday evening. Katsurada got down onto his knees and held his hands together in prayer.