Season’s 1st wild Misaki foal born in Kyushu

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A Misaki horse foal is seen standing close to his mother at Cape Toi in Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture, on Tuesday.

MIYAZAKI — The first wild Misaki horse foal of the season was born Monday in southern Kyushu. Misaki horses inhabiting Cape Toi in Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture, have been designated a national natural treasure, making the area a popular tourist destination.

The male foal, measuring about 1 meter in length and weighing about 15 kilograms, was seen snuggling with his mother, drinking milk and walking around on Tuesday.

According to the association that manages the cape, the birthing season for the horses has started 12 days earlier compared to the previous year. It usually peaks in April and May, and the foals born during this time are referred to as “Harukoma,” or spring horses.

“I’m glad he was born safely,” said 27-year-old Kinao Watanabe, who works to protect the horses. “More foals will be born, so I hope many people will come and see how cute they are.”

wild Misaki foal born