International Women’s Day celebrated with mimosa flowers

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Women make mimosa flower baskets in Kunitachi, Tokyo

March 8 is International Women’s Day, designated so by the United Nations. In Italy, there is a tradition of giving mimosa flowers, which blossom around this time of year, to women on the day to show appreciation for them. Since mimosa flowers are also popular in Japan, related events are held and products featuring these blooms are sold in celebration of the global day.

International Women’s Day was first officially celebrated in 1975, as the United Nations sought to improve women’s rights and eliminate discrimination against them.

In Italy, the day is also known as Mimosa Day.

The organizing committee for an event called “International Women’s Day Happy Woman Festa 2022” is calling for people to put happy yellow posts on social media.

Courtesy of Tree of Life
Tree of Life’s “mimosa series”

In line with the vivid, yellow mimosa flowers, the committee is asking social media users to post photos of yellow clothes, goods, food and other things that make people feel happy. People are also encouraged to use such hashtags as #happyyellow and #happywoman with their posts on Instagram and Twitter from Feb. 14 through March 8.

The aim of International Women’s Day Happy Woman Festa 2022 is for people to think about how women live. The event will be held in February and March in Tokyo and 13 other prefectures, with most major events scheduled for March 8.

A wide variety of events are planned, including one to honor women who have contributed to building a sustainable society and a seminar about achieving social gender equality.

Koichi Ogawa, chairman of the organizing committee, said, “People are becoming more familiar with International Women’s Day year by year, and an increasing number of companies now decorate their offices with mimosa flowers.”

There are also products related to mimosa flowers.

Courtesy of Vendome Boutique
Jewelry featuring mimosa flowers sold by Vendome Boutique

On Feb. 1, Vendome Yamada Corp., which operates the jewelry brand Vendome Boutique, launched a jewelry collection featuring mimosa flowers. These include broaches, necklaces and earrings, with every small flower colored by hand. Part of the sales proceeds from these products will be donated to activities supporting women.

“We would like to help women shine in their own way with jewelry featuring mimosa flowers,” a spokesperson of the company said.

To inform people about Mimosa Day, the herb shop Tree of Life launched six products on Feb. 9 using mimosa blended essential oil. The packages of the products, which include hand creams and nail oils, also feature mimosa flowers.

“Spring is a busy season, as many people begin a new life, so we’re glad if the relaxing aroma helps people feel healed and relaxed,” the company spokesperson said.

Courtesy of Aoyama Flower Market
Aoyama Flower Market’s mimosa bouquets

Some stores of the flower shop chain Aoyama Flower Market sell bouquets of mimosa flowers and other products in line with International Women’s Day. According to the company, more and more men buy mimosa flowers as a gift or to decorate their homes.

“The vitamin color yellow helps to inspire and energize people. Why don’t you give someone the flowers to show your appreciation?” a company spokesperson said.