Pumice found 2,000 km away in Philippines

Courtesy of Ceasar Roldan Esdicul of the Batanes provincial government
Pumice found on the coast of Batan Island

HANOI — Pumice and ash believed to be from a Japanese underwater volcano have been found over 2,000 kilometers away in the northern Philippines, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has announced.

The material was found on the coast of Batan Island and elsewhere, the institute said Tuesday. Located near the Ogasawara Islands in Japan, the Fukutokuokanoba volcano erupted in August.

According to the institute’s announcement, the pumice and ash that have reached the Philippines could damage vessels’ engines and other equipment, as well as cause such environmental harm as the pollution of seawater.

The institute asked the central and local governments to warn ships navigating in the area.