A walk on the historical side

ASAHI, Toyama — A walking event was held in Asahi, Toyama Prefecture, on Oct. 16, where people were able to experience the nature and history of the town while learning about the role and importance of its agricultural facilities.

Organized by the prefectural government and other organizations, the event has been held in various parts of the prefecture since 2003 under the name “Midori tanbo walk.” This year marked its 29th occasion.

The walk was attended by 90 participants, from pre-school children to the elderly, mostly from the prefecture.

Starting from the Asahi Town Historical Park, the participants walked for about two hours along a 4.6-kilometer route that took them to the Asahi Nogakusha, a training and accommodation facility for new farmers, and the Sawagashira Toshuko weir, a water supply facility.

At each point, prefectural officials and others explained the roles of the agricultural facilities using panels to give the participants a deeper understanding of each establishment.

“This event was a good opportunity for me to exercise after restraining from going out during the pandemic,” said Takashi Okami, 54, a civil servant who participated in the walk.