Japanese and U.S. Governments Expected to Enhance Cooperation Against Fake Information; Originator Profile Technology

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Visitors to a technology exhibition listen to explanation about originator profile technology in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, in April 2023.

The Japanese and U.S. governments aim to enhance cooperation for measures to counter fake information produced by generative AI programs, and the Japanese side is eyeing the use of a digital technology called Originator Profile (OP), according to Japanese government sources.

After a Japan-U.S. summit meeting to be held Wednesday, the meeting’s outcome document will be released, and it is expected to specify the “cooperation for reducing risks from AI-generated products.”

In the document, the two governments plan to present an intention to utilize the certification of content and related technology.

The Japanese side aims to collaborate with the U.S. side to develop and introduce the OP, which enables users to confirm the authenticity of online data. The OP technology embeds electronic identifier confirmed by third party entities in each piece of information.

News media and other entities in Japan and abroad have established the Originator Profile Collaborative Innovation Partnership aiming to put the technology into practical use in 2025.

The outcome document is expected to declare that the two governments will make utmost efforts to secure transparency concerning AI-generated products for the public.

They will also present a policy that content issued by the governments will be certified and details altered by AI will be identified.

Last year, as the chair of Group of Seven countries, the Japanese government led discussions about how AI programs should be used, compiling comprehensive international rules about the issue.

Concerning measures against fake information, the two governments plan to promote research and development of technology to identify the senders of information.

The current plan to enhance cooperation will be part of the countermeasures.

The Japanese and U.S. governments will also accelerate cooperation for making standards to evaluate the safety of AI programs.

They are expected to include collaboration between the Japanese government’s new organization, the AI Safety Institute, and U.S. governmental organizations, as goals in the outcome document.