Kishida: No decision yet on reshuffling cabinet, LDP leadership

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida sticks a flower symbolic of victory next to the name of another winning LDP candidate on Sunday.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida renewed his determination to proceed with political affairs bearing great responsibility after the Liberal Democratic Party and its ruling coalition party Komeito are certain to maintain their majority in the upper house by winning more than a majority of the seats up for grabs in the House of Councillors election Sunday.

“Grateful results have been shown in the votes the LDP and Komeito won,” Kishida said on an NHK TV program Sunday night. “However, we have also heard harsh voices during the election campaign. I take them as encouragement for us and want to carry out political activities with great responsibility.”

Regarding the reshuffling of the Cabinet and the LDP executive, Kishida, who is also president of the ruling party, said: “I want to consider the future political schedule carefully after receiving all the election results. As we are still waiting for election results, I have not yet decided on the specifics.”

As for constitutional amendment, Kishida stressed, “To gain public understanding, we first want to deepen constitutional discussions in the Diet and focus on devising a concrete proposal that can be put forward.”