Few cheers after winning

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A woman wearing a badge signifying mourning stands in front of a signboard of the Liberal Democratic Party on Sunday in Tokyo.

In the aftermath of the fatal shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday, many candidates confirmed to have won in Sunday’s election refrained from having cheers or shouts of “banzai” showered on them.

Media outlets reported one after another candidates whose victory was certain once voting for the House of Councillors election closed at 8 p.m. Sunday. Although cheers and “banzai” are always heard from the winning camps after voting, many of them did not do so out of courtesy.

At the office of LDP member Kiyoshi Ejima, who was confirmed to have won the election in Yamaguchi Constituency, banzai was not heard. Ejima appeared before his supporters and bowed deeply with a firm expression on his face. Abe had represented a lower house constituency in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

On a radio program around 8:25 p.m. Sanae Takaichi, chairperson of the LDP’s Policy Research Council, talked about the late Abe, who was the head of her LDP faction.

“I want to carry on his wishes for constitutional amendment, reinforcement of the national defense and the Abenomics economic policy,” she said, “and keep the conservative fire lit by former Prime Minister Abe going.”