CDPJ to elect new leader on Nov. 30

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The major opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said Friday that it will hold an election on Nov. 30 to choose its new leader to succeed Yukio Edano.

CDPJ lawmakers approved Edano’s resignation on Friday. He stepped down after the party’s seats in the House of Representatives fell to 96 from 110 in the Oct. 31 election.

Speaking at a general meeting of CDPJ lawmakers, Edano apologized for the loss of lower house seats, attributing it to his lack of ability to steer elections and party affairs.

Critics say Edano’s pursuit of an alliance with other opposition parties led to the defeat in the lower house election. “Under a new leader, we’ll take power and create a society that we aim for,” he said.

Lower house member Hiroshi Ogushi, 56, and Junya Ogawa, 50, former parliamentary vice internal affairs minister, have expressed an eagerness to run in the CDPJ leadership election.

Other possible candidates include party policy chief Kenta Izumi, 47, and Chinami Nishimura, 54, former state health minister.