U.K. police arrest 83 as climate activists blockade oil terminals

Just Stop Oil activists take part in a protest outside the Esso Birmingham fuel terminal, in Birmingham, Britain April 1, 2022.

LONDON, April 2 (Reuters) — British police said they had arrested 83 people in Essex, east of London, in the space of 48 hours as climate change protesters blockaded oil terminals.

Hundreds of activists from groups Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil started blocking oil terminals across Britain on Friday, with some climbing on top of oil tankers as part of their campaign to force the government to speed decarbonisation efforts.

Essex police said in a statement on Saturday that 63 people were arrested on Friday following protests at three locations. It said a further 20 were arrested on Saturday.

The police said the people were arrested on suspicion of a variety of offences.

“Our officers are continuing to work in exceptionally challenging circumstances with a view to bringing these protests to a safe and swift conclusion,” said Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Nolan.

Extinction Rebellion said on Friday it planned to increase the pressure on the government with daily protests in London, which are due to begin on April 9.