13 Injured near Seoul When Man Rams Car onto Sidewalk, Stabs Pedestrians

Yonhap via AP
Police officers cordon off the scene of a stabbing rampage near a subway station in Seongnam, South Korea, Thursday.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — At least 13 people were injured in South Korea on Thursday when a man rammed a car onto a sidewalk and then stepped out of the vehicle and began stabbing people near a subway station in the city of Seongnam.

Yoon Sung-hyun, an official from the southern Gyeonggi provincial police department, said at least nine people were stabbed and four others were injured by the vehicle. Police did not confirm whether any were in serious condition.

Police were questioning an unidentified suspect who was arrested at the scene.

In response to the attack, the National Police Agency said it would hold an online meeting later Thursday with regional police chiefs to discuss ways to deal with stabbings and other attacks against random targets.

Last month, a knife-wielding man stabbed at least four pedestrians on a street in the capital, Seoul, killing one person, police said.