Nemophila Flowers Envelop Mother Farm in Chiba Pref.; “Valley of Flowers” Becomes A Sea Of Blue Blossoms After Rain

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Nemophila flowers in full bloom at Mother Farm in Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture, on Thursday

CHIBA — About 1 million blue nemophila flowers have come into full bloom at Mother Farm in Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture.

The nemophilas grow in an area of about 5,000 square meters that is known as the “Valley of Flowers.” The flowers tend to close up when it rains, as it did on Wednesday. Then when Thursday morning came, most of them hung toward the ground. But as the sun shone on them and the temperature rose, the flowers began to open, swaying even though there was no wind. So the “Valley of Flowers,” once green with unadorned stems, gradually turned blue.

Farm staff particularly recommend viewing and taking photos of the flowers in the morning.