Oldest Train in Service in Japan Has Temporary Run in Osaka; No Air-Conditioning System Attached

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Hankai Tramway Co.’s oldest streetcar operating temporarily in Osaka City

OSAKA — Osaka-based Hankai Tramway Co., which operates streetcars between the cities of Osaka and Sakai, is running a temporary service on weekends and holidays through Monday using the oldest streetcar still in service in Japan.

The streetcar was built in 1928, and currently only four like it remain. It usually only runs between October and April, as it is not equipped with an air-conditioning system. This time, the train is running for the Golden Week holidays.

The fare is \230 for adults and \120 for children. The company’s public spokesperson said, “The streetcar runs less and less every year, so we hope people will take advantage of this opportunity to ride it.”