Kochi: Observation Deck Set Up in Kochi to Offer Visitors Same Eye Level as Sakamoto Ryoma

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Tourists look out at the Pacific Ocean from the same eye level as a statue of historic figure Sakamoto Ryoma at Katsurahama Park in Kochi.

KOCHI — A observation deck has been once again been set up adjacent to a statue of Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-67) in Kochi, offering tourists and other visitors an up-close look at the statue as well as a splendid view of the coastal scenery.

A native of Kochi, Sakamoto helped overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate and usher in a new era for Japan. He is one of Japan’s most popular historical figures.

The 13.5-meter-tall statue in Katsurahama Park gazes out at the Pacific Ocean and is a popular sightseeing spot in Kochi.

The city tourism association sets up the observation deck every spring and autumn, and this is the 45th time. The initiative has been well received among visitors as they can enjoy the Pacific Ocean and picturesque scenery from the same eye level as the statue.

This time, the viewing space on the deck has been widened, bringing it 1.2 meters closer to the statue than before. Visitors were seen posing for photos in the same way as the statue, while others were looking out at the ocean through binoculars.

“I’m surprised at the magnificence and powerfulness of the statue,” a 42-year-old woman from Yokohama said.

Admission to the observation deck is ¥200. The deck will remain in place until June 2.