Pasona to Use 100% Renewable Energy Electricity in All Tourist Facilities on Awaji Island; Including Godzilla and Kitty Attractions

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Godzilla attraction at the Nijigen no Mori amusement park in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture

AWAJI, Hyogo — All of Staffing agency Pasona Inc.’s tourist facilities on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture will use only renewable energy electricity by the end of May, sources said.

About 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are expected to be reduced annually at 19 facilities, including restaurants, the Nijigen no Mori amusement park as well as Hello Kitty Smile and other Hello Kitty attractions.

The group is running the facilities mainly in an area on the west side of the island known as the “West Coast.”

A large amount of electricity is consumed for smoke effects and nighttime lighting for the Godzilla attraction at the Nijigen no Mori. A lot of electricity is also used for safety equipment for a zip line at the Crayon Shinchan Adventure Park, which is based on the popular anime, and music played at the Dragon Quest Island theme park — both also located in the Nijigen no Mori.

Until now, Pasona Group has purchased electricity mainly from Kansai Electric Power Co. However, in line with the global trend toward decarbonization, it has contracted with several companies that use only renewable energy-derived electricity from wind or solar power-generated electricity. According to Pasona Group, procurement costs will increase merely by a few percent.

The group will also have all vehicles used by its employees on the island be electric or hybrid vehicles by autumn. An official of the firm said it wants to play a role in contributing to a sustainable future for the island.