New Year’s Delicacy “Herring Sushi” Carefully Prepared in Reinan Region, Fukui Prefecture

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Herring sushi is made at a food processing facility in Obama, Fukui Prefecture.

OBAMA, Fukui — Herring sushi, a traditional New Year’s dish in the Reinan region, Fukui Prefecture, is being made and shipped at a food processing facility in Obama in the prefecture.

Herring sushi is a fermented dish made by pickling dried herring and daikon radish in koji rice malt. The dish has a good balance between sweet and sour flavors and is loved by local people.

The facility’s director said, “We made Herring sushi with our handmade koji malt. When it gets colder, the herring sushi becomes much more delicious as daikon becomes sweeter. I hope people will enjoy our traditional local flavor.”