Shimane: Disused Train Station Opened to the Public

The Yomiuri Shimbun
People walk along the tracks of the defunct Sakugiguchi Station in Onan, Shimane Prefecture, on April 1.

ONAN, Shimane — The public is now able to freely walk around a disused train station and its tracks in Onan, Shimane Prefecture. Sakugiguchi Station was on the former JR Sanko Line, which connected Gotsu, a northwest city in the prefecture, and Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture.

According to town officials, the station opened in 1963 and was used by residents. The station was also where many people took photos of the trains near the Gonokawa River.

After the Sanko Line closed in spring 2018, the town government began working on opening the defunct station for public use. Sakugiguchi Station is the third station to be converted in this way, following Uzui and Kuchiba stations.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the opening on April 1. Visitors walked around the platform and along the 200-meter-long section of the track open to the public.

A nonprofit organization, which was commissioned by the local government to maintain the area, plans to operate a trolley at the site.