Osaka: Family-Friendly Esports Center Opens Near Kansai Airport

IZUMI-SANO, Osaka — An esports facility intended for both beginners and enthusiasts has opened in the Rinku Town area in Izumi-Sano, Osaka Prefecture, which is adjacent to Kansai Airport.

With an aim of making the city a leader in esports, the Izumi-Sano city government has built e-Stadium Izumisano in the building of Rinku Town Station as a way to draw visitors from both Japan and abroad.

The facility is operated by Nankai Electric Railway Co. and its subsidiary, e-Stadium. With an area of about 200 square meters, the facility has a total of 13 esports terminals, five of which are reserved for children, and offers free play for five esports programs popular among young people.

“The image quality was good, and the mouse moved smoothly and was easy to use. I want to come here again,” said a sixth-grade elementary school boy from Hannan in the prefecture.

In recent years, esports have grown popular as more players turn professional and more events offer large amounts of prize money.

The new facility is expected to serve as a base to promote esports and train players.

“We hope that people will use the e-stadium just as parents might take their children to a park for fun,” an official of the railway company said.