Actress Kyoka Suzuki Awarded Prize by Architectural Institute of Japan

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Kyoka Suzuki

The Architectural Institute of Japan has honored actress Kyoka Suzuki with a prize for an individual making contributions to the improvement of the culture of architecture.

The annual award, the Appreciation Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan, is given to nonmembers of the institute.

Suzuki, 54, purchased Villa Coucou, a residential house in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, that was in danger of being razed, and she repaired the house with a focus on preserving and renewing the structure as well as making it open to the public.

The institute greatly appreciated Suzuki’s activities.

Completed in 1957, the house is one of the most famous buildings designed by architect Takamasa Yoshizaka, who worked under Le Corbusier, a giant of modern architecture.