Drunk Captain Causes Japan Airline to Cancel Flight from Dallas to Haneda; JAL Issues Drinking Ban for Staff Rest Times

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Japan Airlines airplanes are seen at Haneda Airport in December 2020.

Japan Airlines has instructed all its pilots and cabin attendants to avoid drinking alcohol during rest periods after a flight was canceled due to an intoxicated captain.

The male captain flew from Haneda Airport and arrived in Dallas, Texas, on the morning of April 22. From around 6 p.m. on that day, he began drinking alcohol with five to seven colleagues. The next day before dawn, the captain made loud noises at a hotel, prompting the police to be called. The captain was given a verbal warning during questioning that lasted two hours. As a result of the incident, a flight set to leave from Dallas to Haneda on the morning of April 24 was canceled.

JAL issued the “no drinking” order on April 26 after the incident became public.