Spoon Emitting Electricity to Amplify Saltiness to be Sold to 200 Randomly Selected Customers; Kirin Holdings Co.’s Online Store to Accept Reservations Until June 2

The Yomiuri Shimbun
“Erekisoruto (electric salt) Spoon” amplifies saltiness.

Kirin Holdings Co. has launched a spoon that enhances salty and umami flavors by emitting a weak electric current that has no negative effect on the human body.

The product is aimed at people who want to reduce their salt intake in order to maintain good health. Priced at ¥19,800 including tax, the company is accepting reservations at its online store until June 2 and will sell only 200 units to randomly selected customers.

The “Erekisoruto (electric salt) Spoon” uses a mechanism that creates the illusion of a stronger saltiness by applying an electric current.

The product is suitable for soups and curries, and will be available at some Hands stores that sell household goods from mid-June.