Tokaido Shinkansen, Kappa Ebisen Snack Food Jointly Celebrate 60th Anniversary with Special Train

Courtesy of Central Japan Railway Co.
Participants in the Shinkansen and Kappa Ebisen joint anniversary event enjoy all-you-can-eat Kappa Ebisen aboard a special Shinkansen bullet train on Thursday.

A special Shinkansen bullet train sped between Tokyo and Nagoya on Wednesday to celebrate the 60th anniversaries of the Tokaido Shinkansen Line which opened in 1964 and Kappa Ebisen, a beloved snack product of Calbee, Inc. that first went on sale in the year.

Aboard the special JR Tokai-Kappa Ebisen collaboration train car operated by Central Japan Railway Co., were 60-year-old men and women who enjoyed the hour-long train journey dominated by the popular shrimp-flavored snack.

To revel in the joint anniversary year, JR Tokai and Calbee have been planning various celebration events, and the special train is the first of them.

After the Nozomi Shinkansen train arrived at JR Tokyo Station, 40 men and women boarded one of the cars and a departure ceremony took place on the platform at around noon.

Kanako Momota, a member of pop idol group Momoiro Clover Z, was appointed to be the event’s special conductor. As she called out the departure, the train started for Nagoya. The passengers were entertained on board with a quiz game about Kappa Ebisen and all-you-can-eat Kappa Ebisen.