Japan’s Docomo To Sell Contactless Smart Rings; Users Can Make Payments at the Wave of a Hand

Courtesy of Evering Co.
Contactless smart rings, which will be sold at Docomo stores

NTT Docomo will begin selling smart rings, which can be used to make contactless payments, at some Docomo stores from May.

The telecommunications firm plans to form a business alliance with Evering Co., the start-up that manufactures the smart rings, and will consider future business opportunities on which the two companies can collaborate.

Docomo aims to strengthen the services it offers outside the telecommunications industry, such as its payment and financial services.

Evering developed and sells the smart ring.

The IC chip inside the ring is compatible with the Visa contactless payment system. The smart ring enables users to make payments simply by holding their hands over readers at places such as supermarkets, convenience stores and ticket gates at train stations.

Users can make payments with the smart ring even if they are not Docomo subscribers. The device is available on a flat-rate plan at ¥550 per month or a purchase plan from ¥19,800.

Docomo plans to gradually expand the number of stores offering the smart ring and to eventually link the device to its “d Payment” and “d Point” services.