Honda, Nissan Announce Strategic Partnership is Under Consideration; AI Development, Component Standardization Being Mulled

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Nissan President Makoto Uchida, left, and Honda President Toshihiro Mibe attend a press conference in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on Friday.

Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. announced Friday that they have officially started considering forging a strategic partnership, aiming to explore the standardization of core components in electric vehicles and other electric-powered vehicles. Cooperation in software development, including artificial intelligence, is also under consideration.

“As an industry leader, we aim to pioneer the creation of new values in the automobile sector,” Honda President Toshihiro Mibe said at a press conference on Friday.

Nissan President Makoto Uchida said: “Developing all technologies in-house is challenging. By pooling the technological expertise and insights of both companies, we can forge new pathways for innovation.”